Qibla Moulana Syed Abu Zar Sherazi

While living in Pakistan and even during his student years he always preached about Islam in different cities and places. He is just (‘Adil), highly learned and well-versed in Islamic Laws and posses commanding knowledge of Qur’an. He speaks Arabic, Persian, Urdu and English languages fluently.

He is an excellent orator. He is highly respected, regarded and honored by all Shi’as in Jacksonville FL as well as in other cities in United States of America. He often visits other cities in the aforementioned countries to address Majalis & Jashan throughout the year, especially during the Islamic months of Muharram, Safar and Rabi-ul-Awwal.

Email: [email protected]

Cell Number: 904 837 0832

Further Communication Sheikh Halimi: 904-428-3244